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Display of Spanish around the world created by students in Spanish Club


A huge congratulations to our Year 7 and Year 9 students for taking part in the Count On Us Maths Challenge this week - tasks included code breaking, Hex and intense games of 24!


Display created by a student as part of her DofE award using Latin/Classic work from students.


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A BIG THANK YOU to the BRILLIANT Y9 students who volunteered in the Library as part of their DofE Award. They have processed 100s of books and carried out admin tasks at home while we were in lockdown. The new library would be nowhere near it is today without their help.


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Great to see Y7 taking every possible opportunity to revise for the end of year exams. Fantastic effort, keep it up!


Year 9 spent their Deep Learning Day exploring Shakespeare. Starting with a performance and workshop they went on to create their own interpretations of the witches, engage with the more dramatic elements of the play and re-write their own, modern version.


We have had Breis the hip hop artist, writer and entrepreneur visit our school today leading rap and spoken word workshops to our Year 8 students. We had some brilliant performances at the end and we are looking forward to more fun tomorrow.


Year 8 students enjoying their time on the South Coast!


Year 8 South Coast Geography Trip Students have walked from Cuckmere to Seaford along Seaford Head, they have all been amazing.


Year 7 enjoying a day at Kew Gardens


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HAWI's Carnegie Shadowing Panel in action: small but mighty! Only one more meeting before we cast our vote.


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Library lessons this week involve discussing the Carnegie Medal shortlisted titles, using the cover, blurb and first page as the starting point. Today's class favoured "The Girl Who Speaks Bear", but there's been a wide range of winners across the different classes.


7 Gibson presented an excellent assembly on Caring for the Environment where they shared some facts and some top tips on how we can do better to care for the environment in our own lives.


Fantastic display created by students in Spanish Club about Spanish in the world


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House Reading Challenge update: Butler took over the lead from Nelson but only just. It is incredibly close at the top of the league and much can change before the next results are announced after the half-term break.


A huge thank you to Jack and Aaliyah from for their inspiring presentation about life at the University of Oxford. Our Philosophers loved hearing from you and can’t wait to apply!


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Our students have borrowed 318 fiction books during the first three weeks of the summer term! Keep up with the reading!


Some of our students have been completing Constructions and Tarsia puzzles as part of their Maths lessons recently. Keep up the excellent work!

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11 June 2021Newsletter 11/06/21We’re delighted that lots of our students have been awarded 50 curriculum reward stickers this academic year.  For Lower School students, this requires being awarded 250 effort stamps through the year, and for Upper School students, 50 Kudos stickers for individual pieces of work.  It is a fantastic achievement, reached through hard work, effort and resilience through what has been a very challenging year.  We would like to reward students who have reached this milestone, so we are arranging for all students who have reached this goal to attend our Reward Trip to Thorpe Park Resort. We are able to subsidise the cost of this trip, and cover travel costs.  When your son or daughter reaches the threshold of  50 stickers, you will receive an invitation letter, and the contribution request will be added to your Parent Pay account.  Students have until the end of June to reach 50 stickers, so there’s still time. The trip will be undertaken strictly within the government’s Covid-19 guidelines in force on that date, and we will also enforce any additional requirements made by Thorpe Park Resort (for example, students will be required to have their temperature taken on arrival).  Payment of the contribution will indicate consent. In the meantime, let’s get earning those stickers!   Have a good weekend   Mrs Larizadeh
21 May 2021Newsletter 21/05/21This week we have welcomed staff from other Harris Academies to see Harris Academy Wimbledon in action.  I am delighted to inform you that they were very impressed with the students who they found to be polite, engaging and focused on learning.  I’d like to thank all the staff who work incredibly hard to provide great teaching and learning and support the students to meet their potential. The students are looking forward to their deep learning days this week.  If they are going on a visit to Kew Gardens or to the South Coast, please ensure they know what to wear, what to bring and where to meet.  There won’t be any enrichment this week as the staff need to prepare for the deep learning days.  Consequently students will finish at 3pm on Tuesday.  Extracurricular activities have finished for this half term and will start again on Monday 7th June. On Monday and Tuesday, students will bring home their revision books which will help them revise for their summer exams.  Please spend some time reading them with your child and support them to do a revision timetable.  There is some information in the booklet about ensuring they rest over half term and don’t spend the whole time revising.  I understand there were some technical issues with the virtual revision evening.  Mr Maurice is going to record the revision tips and put them on the website. Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Larizadeh  
14 May 2021Newsletter 14/05/2021I hope you are keeping safe and well.  We will be following the government advice and students do not need to wear masks in school from Monday 17th May.  We will continue to implement all our other safety measures and it is vitally important that students continue to take a lateral flow test twice a week.  In addition, students now need to wear their school uniform every day and bring their PE Kit with them on the days they have PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs.  There is some more information about this in the Covid section of the newsletter. Enrichment and Extracurricular clubs continue to be a great success.  We believe that academic success should go hand-in hand with a rich variety of extra-curricular activities as they help foster a spirit of aspiration, resilience and a joy in learning.  At Harris Academy Wimbledon all students participate in enrichment and attend at least one after school extra-curricular activity.  With over 40 different clubs, there is plenty to choose from. Mr Maurice will be leading a revision session for all students and parents on Monday 17th May from 6pm – 7pm and you will find the link in the newsletter.  It is a really important evening as it will give parents and students some key tips on how to revise successfully for the summer exams. Students are really picking up the pace in receiving rewards and I enjoyed speaking to more Year 7 students in Principal’s breakfast this morning.  Please keep encouraging your child to work hard and collect their stickers. Best wishes for a lovely weekend, Mrs Larizadeh
30 April 2021Newsletter 30/04/2021I am delighted to let you know that we have recruited some outstanding teachers who will start with us in September, when we will welcome another year group to our school community.  We have appointed a new Head of Computer Science and a new Director of Science,  alongside new teachers in English, Maths, Science, Art, Drama, Dance and PE, Music, Spanish, Geography and Food technology.  The Year 9 options process is complete and I am delighted with Year 9 students; they have approached the whole process with diligence and maturity.  Mr Maurice will send a letter home to parents within the next two weeks confirming the GCSE choices for your child. I enjoyed chatting with Year 7 students who came to Principal’s breakfast this morning (as they have achieved thirty reward stickers for the effort they have put into their school work).  They keep me up to date with what they are enjoying and always give me suggestions of how we can continue to improve and develop over time.  All students who receive 50 reward stickers (or Kudos stickers for Year 9)  by the end of June will get the opportunity to go on a rewards trip to Thorpe Park.  Please keep encouraging your children to work hard in their lessons so they get the opportunity to go. I hope you have an enjoyable bank holiday weekend.  I have my fingers crossed for some sunny weather! Bets wishes, Mrs Larizadeh
23 April 2021Newsletter 230421I hope you all a had a good Easter break and have enjoyed some of the sunshine.  I am looking forward to a great summer term which will be a combination of great academic work and the opportunity to re-introduce some other activities (as far as the COVID safety measures allow).  We plan to have two deep learning days on the 26th and 27th May; Year 7 will have the opportunity to go to Kew Gardens as part of their Art curriculum and the Year 8 will go on a Geography Field trip.  Year 9 will not miss out as they will have a Shakespeare performance of Macbeth (to support them with GCSE English) and the opportunity to work with staff form Greenwich Observatory for Maths and Science.  In June and July, we are planning two outdoor activity days, an Arts Festival, Sports Day and Duke of Edinburgh camping trips for Year 9.  We continue to closely follow all of the COVID guidance for keeping everyone safe. The summer term is also about working hard and doing well in the end of year exams.  The week of the 14th June is exam week for all year groups.  On the 17th May, we will be holding a revision evening for parents which will provide information on the exams and different strategies that you can use to support your children with revision.  More details will follow closer to the time.  I am pleased to report that the students have settled back in very quickly and have shown that they are committed to their studies.  The teachers have planned a great curriculum which will allow students to gain all the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. Best wishes for an excellent Summer Term, Mrs Larizadeh
26 March 2021Newsletter 26/03/21The students have had another great week at the academy and we continue to be very impressed by their enthusiasm for school.  I am afraid my message this week is very procedural and relates to lateral flow tests. The government have asked staff and students to continue with lateral flow tests during the Easter holidays.  Students will be given a box of seven tests next week and they need to take them on: · Sunday 4th April · Wednesday 7th April · Sunday 11th April · Wednesday 14th April · Sunday 18th April They should continue to report the results to the school and we will send a link via their email to complete the form. We have made a successful application to be part of a clinical trial in the summer term.  The trial is for 7 day lateral flow testing for close contacts of a positive case.  This means if a student/member of staff tests positive, their close contacts can still come to school provided they sign up to take a lateral flow test in school for the next 7 school days.  Once I have the full details of the trial, I will write with further information. We continue to focus on rewards and it has been a pleasure to award so many students in assemblies over the last week.  Please keep encouraging your sons and daughters to get their stickers and claim their rewards.  We are hoping that in the summer term we will be able to run some reward trips. This is the last newsletter of the term.  The students finish at 12.30pm on Thursday and I’d like to wish you a relaxing and enjoyable break. Best wishes, Mrs Larizadeh
12 March 2021Newsletter 12/03/21It has been great to see the academy full of life this week.  The students have been brilliant.  They have quickly settled back in to their lessons and have been a pleasure to chat to.  Today we recognised International Women’s Day which was on Monday 8th March by wearing a pink ribbon and reflecting on the women who have inspired us.  It has been so lovely to read about how many students have been inspired by their mum.  Here are some of their comments: ‘My mum because she is a confident person who has raised me well.  She has taught me everything I know and she is the greatest woman I know’ ‘My mum because she is always happy and believes in herself’ ‘My mom because she inspires me to be different and stand out’ These are just three comments from many.  Congratulations to all the mums who do a brilliant job every single day. Next week, we will celebrate Red Nose Day.  Donations help tackle important issues including homelessness, hunger, domestic abuse and mental health stigma, all of which have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  It will be mufti day and students can purchase red noses (which will be interesting to wear with a mask!), pin badges and awareness bands for £1.  The Heads of house have been working with their teams to set up some stalls at lunch time – all the details are in the newsletter so if you can support with any donations, it will be appreciated. I have sent a letter home today outlining the details of the next phase of the lateral flow testing which is where students do the tests at home on a Sunday and Wednesday.  More details are in the letter which you can find here   Thank you for all your support in getting the students back to school. My warmest wishes for a lovely weekend, Mrs Larizadeh
5 March 2021Newsletter 05/03/21Thank you for your support in keeping everyone safe by consenting to the lateral flow tests; I really appreciate your support in keeping the Academy as safe as possible. Many key systems and processes will stay exactly the same as they were in the autumn term. Year group bubbles, routines for social distancing and hygiene around hand-washing and nightly cleaning of our premises and equipment will not be changing. We have all got used to these measures and know they go a long way towards keeping everyone as safe and protected as possible. In line with new government guidance, there are two significant and important new initiatives that we need your support with: · Students will wear face coverings when they are inside the academy building. There are legitimate reasons for a small number of pupils to be exempt from this, but otherwise we will be expecting all pupils to wear face coverings. This is for the greater good of the health of each other and we hope everyone will play their part. Exemption cards can only be issued by Miss Pocock (Years 7 & 8) and Mr James (Year 9). · Students will complete two more lateral flow tests in the academy and I will write to you next week about the process for home testing which will begin from the week of the 15th March.  Please spend time going through the student protocols with your child before they return.  You can find the link  here A full copy of our risk assessment can be found on our website in the COVID-19 section. We have lots of different opportunities and activities planned for the students for the rest of this term and can’t wait to see them back.  We know that the experience of lockdown has affected everyone in very different ways and we will ensure everyone is very well supported.  If your child is anxious about returning, please do not hesitate to get in touch with their house tutor so we can keep an extra eye on them as they settle back in.  My warmest wishes for a lovely weekend. Mrs Larizadeh  
26 February 2021Newsletter 26/02/21I am very pleased to be writing to you about the return to school. The government have asked us to offer lateral flow tests to all students prior to their return to the classroom. This will be followed up by two additional lateral flow tests in school before students will be asked to test themselves at home. These test kits will be sent home with the children during the week of 15th March. Even though the tests are voluntary, I strongly encourage all students to participate in the testing programme. All staff will take a test twice a week. It is important that we all work together to try and keep COVID-19 out of the academy so we do not put others at risk or have to ask bubbles of children to self-isolate if we get a positive case. We have been regularly testing our key worker children who have been on site; they have quickly become experts at taking the test and now carry it out with ease. If you haven’t returned the permission form for testing, please can you return it by Monday 1st March. You can find the link here: id=iSUtagbWmkrU04hqmtEXll7YBEDhN9DlXK58uHsr8NUOFRKMVhKQ0xSNFo2TzBIRzhJQ05UOEFIWi4u Schedule for return Year 9 Thursday 4th March: Attend the Academy site to take their lateral flow test. Students will be sent an appointment time next week. Students need to attend in full school uniform. Monday 8th March: Return to school. Gates will open at 7.45am. Start time: 8.25am. Year 8 Friday 5th March: Attend the Academy site to take their lateral flow test. Students will be sent an appointment time next week. Students need to attend in full school uniform. Monday 8th March: Return to school. Gates will open at 10am. Start time: 10.25am Year 7 Monday 8th March: Attend the Academy site to take their lateral flow test. Students will be sent an appointment time next week. Year 7 students will continue with remote learning. Students need to attend in full school uniform. Tuesday 9th March: Return to school. Gates will open at 9am. Start time: 9.25am Extra-curricular activities will begin on Wednesday 10th March. We have put a fantastic programme together and Mr Arnold will send you and your children all of the information on Tuesday 2nd March. All students need to choose at least one after school activity and must return their choices by Friday 5th March. I will write to you next week with the details of our risk assessments including the wearing of masks. In the meantime, please get uniforms/school shoes ready and ensure your children have all their equipment for attending school. The equipment list can be found on the website and you will find the link here: https:// We are really looking forward to seeing all of the children back in school. Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Larizadeh
12 February 2021Newsletter 12/02/2021Amanda Gorman is the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history and delivered a rousing rendition of a poem she wrote for the ceremony. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, I think it is definitely worth six minutes of your time to watch it: https:// She reminded me of the many passionate young people we have at Harris Academy Wimbledon who have a desire to share powerful and inspiring words, and we are very much looking forward to welcoming the students back into school so we can hear their voices. The lines from the poem that stood out to me were: ‘For there is always light If only we’re brave enough to see it If only we’re brave enough to be it’ Amongst the challenges that we have faced in the pandemic there have been many moments of ‘light’ that we have seen from your children. I am incredibly proud of how they have approached their school work and attendance to remote learning has been over 95% every single day – that is amazing! Thank you very much for all your support and guidance in the background; we really appreciate it. Over half term, the students need to rest and try and be as screen free as possible. We hope that we only have two more weeks of remote learning and will be able to welcome the students back on the 8th March. As soon as we have confirmation from the government on the return to school plans, we will be in touch. In the meantime, I would like to wish you a safe and enjoyable half term. Best wishes, Mrs Larizadeh  
5 February 2021Newsletter 05/02/2021During the 8th – 11th February we will be supporting Children’s Mental Health Week. This year’s theme is ‘Express yourself’ and we’re encouraging children (and adults) to explore the different ways we can express ourselves, and the creative ways that we can share our feelings, our thoughts and our ideas. With schools partially closed and lots of uncertainty, children and young people’s mental health has never been more important. The activities for the week are as follows and we would encourage all students to take part: Feelings Matter – House Tutor Event On Tuesday 9th February students will take part in a virtual House Tutor group discussion on the importance of talking all about your feelings. Students will be shown a range of video clips which include Premiership football stars and Prince William discussing the importance of looking after your mental health. YOLO (You Only Live Once Debate) There are many ways that you can express yourself as an individual – but some ways are celebrated and accepted more than others. Many people will also feel like they don’t have the freedom to express themselves in the way that they’d like to. During the YOLO activity, students will be asked to think about and discuss two key questions – Does the phrase YOLO give you the freedom to express yourself in any way you like? And Does social media promote self expression? 7 Days about Me – House Competition One of the main activities for the week is to encourage students to take time away from the screen and create a photo montage about themselves. We would like to challenge all students to take one photo a day that captures and expresses some aspect of themselves either literally or in abstract form. Photos could include their current likes and dislikes, strengths, interests, dreams and passions. All photo montages should be submitted by Thursday 11th February to House Tutors. Winners will receive House points for their House. Dress to Express On Thursday 11th February  we will be holding a ‘Dress to Express’ day. We would encourage all students to wear something a little different (don’t go and buy anything – be creative). Their outfit should be a form of self-expression – perhaps they could make it as colourful as possible. Students should take a photo of their outfit and submit it to their House Tutor on 11th February.  All photos will then be used for an express yourself gallery in school. Have a restful weekend. Mrs Larizadeh
29 January 2021Newsletter 29/01/2021You will have heard the government announcement this week, that schools will not reopen until the 8th March at the earliest.  I know this may feel daunting as you continue to juggle work, family life and supporting your children with online learning.  We continue to be here to provide any support that we are able to; please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any help.  The mental health of all the children in our care continues to be a priority for us.  I am acutely aware that increased isolation, lack of social contact with their friends and the pressures of social media are very difficult to navigate for young people.  Mind offer some useful advice for supporting teenagers in lockdown: Despite the challenges we all face as we live through this period of change and uncertainty, there is still much to celebrate at HAWI.  The students have completed a survey this week on their experience of remote learning and they are exceptionally positive.  We are thrilled that 86% of students are either ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with their remote education. This is due to the hard work of their teachers, as well as the resilience and independence that students have shown working from home. Where students were ‘unsatisfied’ this was largely due to access issues to remote teaching caused by slow internet or computer access - please contact the Academy if your child is struggling to access their online lessons. We had a number of lovely comments from individual students, including: “I would like to thank all my teachers because they have been working very hard lately to give me such amazing lessons”. We are reflecting on our remote learning programme all the time, and working hard to make sure that your child is able to learn from home. If you do have further suggestions for us, please do not hesitate to email
22 January 2021Newsletter 22/01/2021Thank you to everyone who has returned the parents/carers’ survey. It is really useful for us to get your feedback as we are always reflecting on how we can continue to improve.  I am also delighted that over 95% of returns have been exceptionally positive. To address some of your questions/comments, please see below: 1. We hold curriculum information evenings at the beginning of each academic year and publish a curriculum guide for each subject on the website. You will find a link in the newsletter. 2. You will receive a report on your child’s progress on the last day of each term. These are published on My Child at School (MCAS). Information is in the newsletter about the other functions of MCAS. 3. If you are not receiving information by text or email then please contact Ms Hall to update your contacts on our information system on 4. Please use to contact teachers. Staff will always endeavour to respond within 48 hours. However, if you do not get a response, please do not hesitate to contact my PA, Mrs Kirby on The survey will be open until Monday and so if you have not had chance to complete it, we would be delighted to receive your feedback. We continue to be very impressed with how students are navigating technology to engage in their lessons.  Over the next few weeks, teachers will be setting them a significant piece of work which they will need to submit.  We are also very aware of the impact of the lockdown on young people’s mental health. They are all being very patient and resilient as they continue to abide by the rules and complete their school work.  Our school counsellor, mentors and tutors are always available to provide any support you might need, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a restful weekend, Mrs Larizadeh    
8 January 2021Newsletter 08/01/21Happy New Year to you all.  It has been an interesting first week to the new year.  We all left for the Christmas holidays thinking we would be back together in January, then in the middle of the holidays we thought we would have remote education for two weeks, and then found out on Monday that we will have remote education for the first half term.  In addition, we are all aware of the increased number of coronavirus cases in London.  For me, the most important thing is that we all stay safe and well and look after each other in these challenging circumstances.  We anticipated that we may have to switch to remote learning at some point in the year and so we were ready to go with all of our systems.  I hope all of your children have managed to access their lessons; I know the majority have, as I have had really positive feedback from the teachers about how well students have engaged in this new way of working.  I must pay tribute to the teachers who have adapted their lessons in a very short amount of time.  We are committed to providing an outstanding education at all times.  There may be some teething issues so please bear with us but as soon as we know there is an issue, we quickly resolve it.  Now we know that the period of remote education has been extended from two weeks until at least six weeks, we will begin to introduce some house competitions and extracurricular activities that students can choose to do if they would like to.  Students should be focused on their school work from 8.30am – 3pm everyday and then they must turn off their screens and I suggest get some fresh air and exercise between 3pm and 4pm.  We are always here to help anyone in our community, so if you require any help or support, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Please stay safe and well.  Warm regards, Mrs Larizadeh