Talal in Year 10 has created a clay vessel inspired by the natural form of a pineapple! The department can't wait to see what glazes and paints he will add once the pot has been fired in the kiln. Amazing work Talal!


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A big thank you to the wonderful Michael Mann for a really enjoyable afternoon. Our Y7 students were so inspired by the talk and had millions of questions about "Ghostcloud" and being an author.


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Great to see Monica and Angelica in assembly this morning performing a traditional Bulgarian dance the ‘Koprivshtitsa’. This dance is traditionally performed to celebrate the harvest, welcome spring and encourage good health. A fantastic performance from both girls!


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Miss Gasowski hosting this weeks GeoTalk ‘Colonisation of the DRC - a brief history’


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Podium places for girls shot put, with HAWI claiming Bronze and Silver in year 7 and Gold in year 9!


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93 students took part in the 2022 Borough Athletics competition. I am delighted to announce that HAWI won the mixed schools trophy! Congratulations to all who took part. A further congratulations to the year 8/9 boys squad who won their age group trophy ! Thank you


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Yr 9/10 ready to race!


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Fantastic performance from our year 7 sprinters!


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Yr7 boys smashing their shot put this morning!


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Photo finish for James! Top work, 3rd place for hurdles


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Dominika finishing the 800m in style


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This is HAWI do it!


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Alaa competing in the U16 3000 metre race and came 3rd. An incredible achievement finishing in 13 minutes !


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Is that gold I see ! Well done Sinai for finishing 1st in the Javelin. Isaiah for finishing 1st in the high jump


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Bronze for Wiktoria in the High jump


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Well done to Nadia- 2nd in High Jump. Tilly 3rd in high jump. Amelia 3rd in javelin. Bring on tomorrow


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Well done to all the athletes that competed in part 1 of Borough sports day ! It was well run evening and we came away with a few medals


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Here is an epic thriller which will also enhance your understanding of physics. Set in Peckham, we experience gang feuds and time travel with our hero Esso. A seriously good book which is soon to be a major Netflix movie. Recommended to our Y9 and Y10 students!


Please phone reception, 0203 962 4300, if you see any students in the playground. Apologies for the inconvenience caused to the families.


Thank you for your message. All students have been told in assembly that the play areas are for residents only. We will also put some staff on duty by the playgrounds at the end of the school day.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office
















At Harris Academy Wimbledon, we operate a range of rewards systems that work collectively to reinforce the messages of our whole school motto - ‘Make a Difference’  based on our key values of ‘Independence, Integrity, and Resilience’. We believe that rewards play a central role in promoting a culture of success and high standards of participation, positive behaviour for learning, and attainment. The rewards systems at Harris Academy Wimbledon also has a motivational role in helping students understand that outstanding, considerate behaviour, self-awareness and responsibility to self and others is valued.

Rewards are communicated to students in their planners and data is recorded on Bromcom.

  1. Lower School Curriculum Reward System (Year 7 and Year 8)

Students can be recognised and rewarded for their effort in lessons. A subject teacher will award the student and place a stamp in their exercise book. This is worth 1 reward point.  The member of staff will also record this on Bromcom.  When students have collected 5 stamps, they will be awarded a curriculum sticker. Curriculum stickers should be stuck in the student planner and the member of staff should record on Bromcom.

Students will then be rewarded for the number of stickers collected as follows:


Year 7

Year 8

5 Stickers

Director of Year 7/8 Reward

Director of Year 7/8 Reward

10 Stickers

Vice Principal Reward

Vice Principal Reward

30 Stickers

Principal’s Breakfast

Principal’s Afternoon Tea

50 Stickers

Reward Trip

Reward Trip

Students will also receive Star badges based on the number of stickers collected.  10 stickers is a bronze star badge, 30 silver, and 50 gold.

  1. Upper School Curriculum Rewards System (Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11)

Curriculum rewards in the Upper School are called ‘Kudos’.  Each subject will award Kudos for effort in a specific piece of work, and a sticker is placed in the student’s exercise book, next to the work.  The teacher should sign the next available box on the Kudos page of the student’s planner.  The specific piece of work can be a written task, a practical task (e.g. Science, Music, PE) or a creative task (e.g. Drama, Music, Art), but it must be a clear piece of learning showing progress.  Receiving a Kudos sticker should be a significant event and should be less frequent than Lower School stamps.  Each Kudos awarded is worth five reward points which will count towards the House League weekly points competition.  Each marking cycle should present at least one opportunity to award Kudos.

Student achieves...

Higher Reward

Subject Kudos (once per marking cycle)

Sticker in student planner

25 Kudos Stickers

Letter home from Director of Upper School and bronze bar for blazer

50 Kudos Stickers

Letter home from Vice Principal and silver bar for blazer

100 Kudos Stickers

Letter home from Principal, gold bar for blazer, and appointment as Academic Champion for the student’s house (whole-school role)

  1. Pastoral Rewards (Lower and Upper School)

Weekly Tutor Awards

Tutors are required to record a weekly Tutor Award to those students who meet all Academy expectations in a week. This award is the equivalent of 5 Reward Points and should only be issued if the student meets all of the following weekly requirements.

  • Planner is graffiti free, in order, and fully signed,
  • All equipment,
  • No detentions,
  • Perfect uniform,
  • 100% attendance,
  • 100% punctuality.

The weekly tutor award will be noted in planners as a stamp and the Directors of Lower School and Upper School will monitor that the Tutor award is being implemented consistently and rigorously.

Attendance Rewards



100% Attendance for a half term

Bronze Attendance certificate and 20 reward points from their tutor

100% Attendance for a term

Silver Attendance certificate and 30 reward points from their tutor

100% Attendance for two terms

Gold Attendance certificate, 40 reward points from the Vice Principal, and a Gold Attendance Honours badge

100% Attendance for one academic year

Platinum Attendance certificate, 50 reward points from the Principal and a Platinum Attendance Honours badge presented to them at the annual Honours Evening

Make a Difference Awards

Make a Difference Awards are given to students who consistently demonstrate that they have made a difference to their own lives or the lives of others.  In most circumstances, students can be awarded a ‘Make A Difference’ sticker and postcard sent home in the post. ‘Make a Difference’ stickers and postcards are generally given out at the start and finish of a half term in assembly.

In exceptional circumstances, where students have gone above and beyond the make a difference to the life of the Academy or their own lives, students will be awarded 50 reward points, a Make a Difference Certificate, and receive an honours badge during our Honours Evening.  

  1. The House System

The House system provides opportunities for students to work together in friendly competition, and to collaborate across year groups. Through competition, students have the chance to earn a variety of different rewards.

Weekly HAWI House League competition

Collecting Reward Points (Lower School), Kudos (Upper School) and pastoral awards across both schools will also contribute to earning House points. At the end of each week the Reward Points, Kudos and pastoral award points collected by all students in the same House will be totaled. The winning House will be awarded 7 House points. The House in second place will be awarded 6 House points, third place 5 House points, fourth place 4, fifth 3, sixth 2, and seventh 1 House point. There will be separate competitions for Lower and Upper Schools, and also an overall league.  

Students can also take part in a wide range of different House events from all areas of school life throughout the year. This will also generate points for the HAWI House League.  House events will be overseen by Heads of House and student House Leaders.  The blend of competitions ensures that everyone has the opportunity to represent their House and be rewarded for something that they enjoy or are good at. House events include academic competitions, creative competitions, various inter-house sporting activities, public speaking competitions, and Spelling Bees.

  1. Blazer Badges

As well as their House Badge, a student can also be awarded a number of other badges which are to be worn on the left lapel of the student blazer. Blazer badges are as follows:



Platinum Attendance*

100% attendance for the academic year

Bronze Curriculum Star

10 Stickers

Silver Curriculum Star

30 Stickers

Gold Curriculum Star

50 Stickers

Bronze Kudos Bar

25 Kudos Awards

Silver Kudos Bar

50 Kudos Awards

Gold Kudos Bar

100 Kudos Awards

Subject Attainment Award*

Outstanding attainment in a subject area

Subject Effort award*

Outstanding effort in a subject area

Subject Progress award*

Outstanding progress in a subject area

Enrichment & Extra-Curricular award*

Outstanding contribution to enrichment/EC

House Tutor award*

Outstanding contribution to house tutor group

House Values awards

Awarded each term to recognise house values

Make a Difference award*

Outstanding contribution to school ethos

*to be awarded at Honours Evening.

Harris Wimbledon Honours Evening

Honours Evening is a prestigious event in the school calendar; an opportunity for celebration for all governors, staff, parents and students who have contributed to the success of Academy over the previous year. Our Honours Evening is an occasion when we make time to share student success and show our pride in their achievements, in the knowledge that praise, encouragement and rewards are the catalysts that will motivate them to even greater success in the future. Our Harris Wimbledon Student Leadership team will host the Honours Evening where each year group has a presentation of Curriculum, Pastoral and Extra-Curricular awards followed by Attendance awards, the Team Award and Make A Difference awards.