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Design skills of HAWI pupils are far from locked down! Despite the significant challenge of learning a practical subject virtually, the HAWI DT pupils have produced some fantastic work!


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HAWI's Book of the Week will whisk you away to a desert island. It is a tale of pirates, treachery and heroism. No need to buy or borrow, you can read it here:


Artists of the Month


An amazing photo of the Academy in the snow taken by Szymon in Year 7!


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We received so many wonderful entries for the October half-term House competition, which tied in with Black History Month. Some of them are now on display in the library, they are too good not to share. HAWI students' imagination and creativity really is something else!


The Lower Academy Players had their first virtual extra-curricular club yesterday and have started to plan the re-telling of Rapunzel. We are hoping to put something together over the next few weeks and share this exciting new version with you.


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Why not head to park and use the home court app to beat Ms Timmins’ basketball shooting high score


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It didn’t take long. Well done to Aaron in year 9 with a new high score of 530


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I challenge you to beat my score! If you do either tweet us back or send an email of your video to Mr Riches. There are prizes to be won !


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Congratulations to Rutherford who won last half-term's House Reading Challenge with an impressive 28 book reviews! Also, congratulations to 7 Gibson who submitted the most Word of the Week entries by far and earned bonus points for their House. Well done!


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Sport House Challenges this week: Couch to 5k- week 1- complete a 1km run and complete the submission form sent to students via email. Agility challenge- see video for example. Complete a as many as you can in a minute! Entry = points . Participation is key!


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Students who are working in school have been enjoying time to get active in many sports, including Dance, Trampolining, Basketball and Table Tennis.


Year 8 student, Asiyah, has gone above and beyond with her tonal practicing. Look how her block shading has depicted the shiny, reflective surfaces. Well done Asiyah!


Even though we haven’t managed to go to the theatre this year and we can’t wait for them to be back open, we are very thankful for this brilliant resource, Digital Theatre Plus. In our Drama and English lessons we have been able to watch some exciting theatre with the students.


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The HAWI Canon display is up! You can read nine of its titles for free online. Which one are you going to read next?


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Happy 2021! The physical library is closed but we are lucky to live in an age when we have access to a wealth of brilliant books online. Please contact Ms Nylinder if you need tips and advice on what to read and where to find it!


Our physical gates must remain closed to most students, but our staff are only ever a phone call or email away; please do not hesitate to ask for our help or support if you need it. Teachers are following the normal school timetable and are teaching ‘live’ lessons.


House groups will be given their own time capsule which will be buried in the academy grounds for students to open in 50 years! Students need to decide what they would like to place in them.


Merry Christmas from our Year 9 musicians!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















More Able Learners

Our Goal

Our goal is that all more able learners have aspirations, opportunities and experiences that stretch and challenge them beyond their context.

Our Aims

In order to achieve our goal stated above, we endeavour to achieve the following four aims:

  • To provide opportunities both within and beyond the classroom to support students to demonstrate their full potential.
  • To create an ethos which celebrates excellence and where gender stereotypes are dismantled and transcended.
  • To raise the aspirations and life chances of all students, celebrating diversity and individual talents.
  • To involve and encourage parents and carers in supporting the needs of their children, both within and beyond school.

How Harris Academy Wimbledon provides for More Able Learners

  • Harris Academy Wimbledon aims to meet the needs of More Able students through planned provision that identifies learning outcomes, which challenge and extend our most able students. Students are streamed to enable their teaching to be further tailored to their needs.
  • The curriculum is personalised and ensures student progression. It offers a broad range of opportunities, so students can experience and investigate their talents in all sorts of areas. Students have access to an outstanding range of subject specific enrichment and extra-curricular programmes.
  • We recognise that More Able students need early, tailored and aspirational advice and guidance on progression opportunities to Higher Education, particularly progression to the most prestigious universities. First generation university students and especially those eligible for the pupil premium will receive specific guidance tailored to their needs.

Philosophers Academy Programme

Students identified as having the potential for progressing to Russell Group and Oxbridge universities are selected for our prestigious Philosophers Academy. The students will be given opportunities to build aspirations and cultural capital through; teleological and deontological debates; presentations from academics and institutions; and meetings with local business leaders and forward thinkers. This serves to build confidence in our students’ academic direction. This in turn creates a genuine and independent thinker, capable of communicating their interests and passions in their personal voice.

Scholars Programme

Students identified as having enthusiasm or talent for a specific subject that results in outstanding progress have a chance of being selected for our Scholars Programme. This offers the chance for students to build an extensive knowledge and passion for their subject due to the wider academic opportunities afforded them. These include; engagements with speakers involved in Higher/Further Education in that subject; presentations from speakers involved in careers which harness the subject; and visits/events linked to their subject area. In turn, this enables the student to grow their knowledge and understanding of a subject beyond the realms of the classroom, creating a foundation from which they can build aspirations for the future.