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Excitement is building for the HAWI election! Today candidates have campaigned for the prestigious title of ‘Principal for the day’. All students will be voting on Tuesday 2nd for the political party that they think has the best policies for HAWI. 🗓️🗳️


Our Year 12 Politics class enjoyed a great trip to the Houses of Parliament. With MPs away, they were able to visit both chambers and then took part in a workshop applying their knowledge from their A-level studies to the passage of a new law.


Amazing work from our students today who have been working hard to represent their houses in our first ever HAWIVision! It took a huge amount of bravery to stand up in front of a large audience and sing.Well done for the amazing performances!


We were lucky enough to receive Cliff McNish today, author of ‘Doomspell’ and ‘Breathe’. He talked about the motivation behind his novels, the importance of reading and engaged the students in inspiring Ghost Story workshop. The students loved it!


After a week focused on exams, we paused revision today for a formal Leavers ceremony. Year 11 students had the opportunity to hear from their house tutors and sign shirts. Year 11 have grown into wonderful people and we can't wait to see what the future holds for them!


HAWI celebrates Mental Health Awareness Week!The theme of is year is ‘Movement!’ The assemblies and inspiring talks heard this week focussed on the importance of movement. Today is our “Wear it Green” day! Students wore an item of green to raise awareness about Mental Health.


Y12students embarked on the 'Take The Lead' programme this year, a unique collaboration between schools, businesses, and the expertise of The Old Vic Theatre. They've gained invaluable insights into navigating life after school & the future work world.💼 #FutureReady


Exciting news! Starting April 22nd, join our new extra-curricular club run by 'Rise Up' 🌟. Dive deep into Black History, focusing on Black British heritage, culture, dreams, & social action. A space to learn, grow, and make a difference. Don't miss out!


Dive into the worlds of The Arts and Crafts Movement and Impressionism this Autumn term, crafting stunning clay tiles.🎨 Remember to collect your masterpiece before term ends, or they'll be part of our Easter recycling. Don't miss out!


Huge shout out to our Year 11 Netball team for smashing their way to the FINALS with a spectacular 27-3 win over Harris Crystal Palace! 🎉 Their dedication and hard work in training have truly paid off. Let's rally behind them as they aim for the top spot in the finals! 🏐


Today marks the end of the term, but the beginning of a well-deserved break! 🌟 Wishing all our students a fantastic holiday. Rest, recharge, and get ready to leap into a new term filled with more learning and adventures on April 15th. See you then!


Year 12 have been honing their life drawing skills in collaboration with King's School this week, showcasing incredible observations and techniques. Kudos to all who attended! 🎨 We're proud of our talented students and excited to support their ongoing development!


Massive applause for our Maths Challenge Team! 🌟 Showcasing incredible teamwork and resilience, they stood out with two Year 11s, finishing in the top third of the toughest round. Here's to their brilliant success and looking forward to next year. WELL DONE!!!


Our HAWI Cadets shone at Pirbright, acing their Weapon Handling test with unparalleled dedication & skill. 🌟 Their conduct and resilience earned high praise, setting a solid foundation for summer camp. Proud of their growth and commitment!


Standing ovation for our students & team for an incredible Oliver production! 🎭✨ Their talent, hard work, and dedication brought the story to life. I was an amazing performance. Bravo to all involved!


Huge applause for Dominika, Sienna, Deniel, and Andre on their amazing iStopMotion animation this term! 🌟🎥 Their creativity knows no bounds. Check it out.


🏑🏐 Our HAWI athletes shining! The hockey team showed incredible skill at Raynes Park, gearing up for the London Hockey Tier 3 finals. Meanwhile, our Year 8 girls clinched a thrilling 14-13 netball victory against Harris Chafford Hundred, propelling them to the semi-finals! 🌟


Final Gym session of the academic year for our year 11s. Thank you Nuffield Health Merton Abbey for exposing our students to the health and social benefits of leisure centres delivering weekly fitness and gym floor sessions


On Mar 11, our Y7 & Y8 music students shined at the Royal Albert Hall with 1,500 peers for the Merton Music Foundation's Change is Coming Concert 🎶🌟. An incredible achievement & experience, showcasing their outstanding talent!


Final Gym session of the academic year for our year 11s. Thank you Nuffield Health Merton Abbey for exposing our students to the health and social benefits of leisure centres delivering weekly fitness and gym floor sessions

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The Arts at Harris Academy Wimbledon

The Arts are an integral part of Harris Academy Wimbledon, the aim is to give all students the opportunity to think creatively, develop self-confidence and to create an atmosphere which encourages all students to be themselves.

Our curriculum is diverse and enables students of all backgrounds, experiences and standards to engage and think and appreciate the arts around them. Students have discrete Art, Music, Drama and Design & Technology lessons each week, in all year groups throughout Key Stage 3, Dance is taken as part of the PE curriculum and they then have the opportunity to choose these subjects at GCSE. The arts are regularly used to support learning cross curricular as well.

The facilities at Harris Academy Wimbledon for the arts are second to none, in the Performing Arts Department we have a Drama Studio equipped with full lighting and sound; a main theatre space in which we host our productions; two music classrooms, which are equipped with keyboards and ‘iMac’ computers, so students can create their own compositions; five practice rooms, an ensemble room and a recording studio; we also have a Dance studio, where our Dance lessons and Dance extra-curricular clubs take place. In the Art and Design & Technology Department, we have a fully operational Food Technology Room and workshop which contains state of the art machinery; such as an A2 laser cutter and a 3D printer. We also have a photography suite, a textiles lab, a photography darkroom, and a specialist ceramics room.

As you can see, we are extremely fortunate, and students are able to use all these facilities which we believe enhances the teaching and fosters the students love of learning within the arts.

At Harris Academy Wimbledon, we pride ourselves on the extensive extra-curricular opportunities that are provided within the school and this can be seen greatly within the arts. We offer Ceramics Club, Food Club, Graphic Design Club as well as Brass Band, Choir and Upper and Lower Academy Players to name a few.  

Our professional designed theatre space allows us to put on numerous shows across the year, for the school and the wider community, from music concerts to whole school musical productions. We are also keen to allow students to get involved with these productions in whichever way they want, including learning about the technical elements of the theatre, from becoming our lighting and sound crew, to designing the set and costumes. Students learn how, through teamwork large-scale performance comes together.

Not only do we have an incredible set of music peripatetic teachers who teach a wide range of instruments, from cello and piano to saxophone and trombone, we also benefit from visiting practitioners across all the arts. These outside practitioners and specialists help inspire our students to consider the different career pathways that can be achieved in the future.

We use the advantage of our school being so close to the centre of one of the arts capitals of the world and therefore, we lead trips each year to theatres, museums and art galleries each to nurture their understanding of the role of the arts within the wider community.

Enthusiastic, motivated and passionate Arts teachers are the basis of what makes the Arts at Harris Wimbledon Academy an extremely successful, engaging and inclusive environment for our students, which will allow them to thrive in whichever pathway they take in the future.

Director of Performing Arts
Kathy Hofmeyr