A great final day of Summer School. We can’t wait to see you all again in September for your first year at HAWI!


Lots of creativity this morning rewriting the story of The Creature in the Cave


More music being created at Summer School ready for the final performance tomorrow


More fun at Summer School singing the Circle of Life and playing the African Drums


Our Arts Pathway at Summer School are devising their piece about Crocky-Wock the Crocodile


Summer School off to a roaring start!


Lower School having fun at Chessington World of Adventures!


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Keeping cool with a bit of yoga this morning


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A great atmosphere of house spirit at HAWI sports day on Friday!


Rutherford winning the cup!


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Wilberforce House (PE team) winning the staff relay


HAWI Sports Day 2022!


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Today is HAWI’s Formal Opening! Our students really enjoyed the opportunity to meet Lord Harris, and did a great job showing off our wonderful school!


It was a pleasure to welcome Lord Harris for the formal opening of the Academy


James, in Year 9, has captured some stunning photographs within the theme 'Wild and Free'


Please join us on Thursday the 14th of July from 5-6.30pm for A Little Night of Music and Drama. Head to the link in the recent school newsletter for tickets.


Year 10 are applying their recording skills this afternoon in the Buddhapadipa temple grounds.

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Welcome from the Principal: Mrs J Larizadeh

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Harris Academy Wimbledon.  We are a co-educational secondary academy set up to provide an excellent education for children in Wimbledon. We opened our doors in 2018 and in November 2020 moved into our brand-new building with our first three year groups. We will grow year on year, eventually serving children ages 11-18.
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Academy Life

15 July 2022Newsletter 15/07/22Yesterday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Lord Harris to formally open our new building.  Please find below an extract from the short speech i made:                                 ‘I am delighted to welcome you to HAWI to mark the formal opening of this outstanding building.  As a school we are coming to the end of our fourth year and I am very proud of everyone who has been involved in its journey. We have built the school around our motto – ‘Make a Difference’ – to make a difference to our own lives by working hard and taking the opportunities on offer to us and to make a difference to everyone else around us by being kind and giving back to our community.                     This vision has become a reality by joint endeavour.  Of course, it is just a building without the students, staff and parents who have brought it to life and given it spirit and purpose.  I’d like to thank Year 10s who have been the trailblazers of our vision and all the other students who have helped build and develop HAWI’s ethos.  I’d like to thank the staff who work incredibly hard every single day . Lord Harris – this building bears your name – you have given us the key to the door that leads these students to their future.  I am sure there are potential entrepreneurs, educators, athletes, doctors and lawyers in this room but most importantly I know that we have young people who hold important values – to make a difference to themselves and everyone else around them.’                                                                                                     I’d like to thank you, as parents and carers, for supporting your children and contributing to our community.
10 June 2022Newsletter 10/06/22In assembly this week, I discussed the importance of British Values such as Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, and Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs; all of these values are at the heart of HAWI’s community and I am very proud of how HAWI students uphold these values and display them every day. Our school council meetings are where student leaders come together and offer suggestions and ideas of how they would like to develop their academy. In the meeting before half term, they requested that we have a British Culture and Heritage Day which I think is a fantastic idea. The day will be Friday 8th July and as part of the development for the day, we will create a permanent display in the dining hall of the flags that represent the heritage of all of the students in the academy. Alongside this, students will create a Heritage Box (please see the details below) and we will have a bake sale of cakes / biscuits/sweets from around d the world. The student committee will be meeting every week and more details will follow. The week of the 20th June is our Outdoor Activity Week. I would like to thank the amazing staff at HAWI for putting together an outstanding programme and for committing to staying overnight in the Surrey Hills, at the coast in Dorset and in Wales. Alongside the residentials, there are plenty of day trips and activities on site. All the information has been sent home either via letter or published in the newsletter. Please ensure you have read all the information very carefully and your child knows where they should be and what equipment they should have for each day. If your child isn’t sure what they are doing, they should see their tutor next week. Thank you for your continued support, Mrs Larizadeh
1 April 2022Newsletter 01/04/22Here at HAWI, we strive to help students find their passions whether it is in sport, the arts, writing a rap, creating a science experiment, debating a topical theme, attending Spanish club or being a house leader.  I feel very proud of all the students as they find their interests and develop their confidence while doing things they enjoy.  The deep learning days this week have been particularly varied and exciting - Breis, a Nigerian rap artist inspiring Year 8, Year 7 enjoying the Natural History Museum while Year 9 were next door at the Science Museum.  Year 10 visited London Docklands, delved deeper in to History or created a culinary delight in Spanish. Overall, this term has been jam packed with opportunities including ice skating, bowling, trampolining, author visits, the Lower School Disco, Theatre trips, World book Day, Science Week, an amazing production of Hairspray and still there has been more! It has also been important for us to celebrate Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness, and we are proud of our student designed flag and badges and the money families have raised for charity.  Students flourish and grow everyday as they continue to develop their independence, integrity and resilience and make a difference in the academy and wider community. Thank you for all your support this term.  I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable break. Happy Easter and best wishes, Mrs Larizadeh
11 March 2022Newsletter 11/03/2022Thank you to all the families who have donated very generously to our collection for Ukraine.  The first batch of items have been picked up but we will have a second collection so please send in any further donations. We continue to support the students and work together to raise funds and make donations.  We will be participating in red nose day on Friday and the money raised for comic relief is used to help people live free from poverty, violence and discrimination.  This includes funding organisations that are supporting people right now in Ukraine, and those attempting to cross the border.    There is also much to celebrate this week in the academy.  The WPA quiz was a huge success and we hope this will be the first of many social activities for students, parents, carers and teachers.  I’d like to thank the committee who worked tirelessly to write questions, buy refreshments, organise raffle prizes and much more… thank you! We launch Science week on Monday and as ever the Science department is putting on a range of different activities to develop our interest in Science.  Please encourage you child to go to one of the lunch time sessions. We also have our production of Hairspray this week; it is looking and sounding fantastic.  It would be great to see you there! Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Larizadeh                  
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