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Year 9 visit to Bletchley Park


Health and Social Care students visited a Nursery and Primary School today to observe how they learn at a young age. We then had a career’s talk from a registered nurse to share their experiences and how they got into the health sector.


Year 10 DT students are learning about Thermo polymers and plastic manipulation. This morning they made Acrylic pen holders, using a hot wire strip heater and pillar drill.


10d1 group out in Bank gathering recordings for their current Architecture project


Trip to the British Museum today. We visited the Nero exhibition and then explored some of the museum's permanent features like the Rosetta Stone.


Maths Day!


Year 10 Art trip


Year 7 on their Geography River Wandle exploration for the day


Some great sessions during our Deep Learning Days!


Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE

Week 3 of gymnastics for Year 7 looked at building paired balance routines. This is a quick shot of their start positions👀


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Well done to the year 8 football teams who completed in yesterday’s Merton school football tournament. Smiles all round!


GCSE Art students


Year 10 GCSE Art students have arrived in Bank for their first stop of their Art Day!


Retweetd From HAWI Library

The books that become most popular are the ones that everyone raves about and recommend through word of mouth. At HAWI, the book series that everyone loves and want to read more of is "Heartstopper". Thank you, for turning our most reluctant readers into book worms!


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Thankyou for our taster session last week! A great push for our Girls Football teams ⚽️


Black History Month Celebration Day!


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Thankyou for an excellent start to our partnership for year 8 netball! Your fabulous sports leaders have engaged our players and we look forward to the season ahead.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Curriculum Overview

At Harris Academy Wimbledon, our intent is that students will: 

  • Experience a broad, deep and knowledge-rich curriculum 

  • Be literate and numerate 

  • Have high expectations for their behaviour and achievement 

  • Build their independence, integrity and resilience 

  • Take part in enrichment, extra-curricular clubs and deep learning days so that they develop their academic knowledge and cultural capital beyond the classroom 

  • Secure foundations for future academic and social progression 

The key stage three curriculum 

The key stage three curriculum is broad and balanced and enables students to deepen their powerful academic knowledge across a range of subjects over time. All students study the national curriculum subjects, as well as Latin, Drama and human and life skills which includes personal, social, health, cultural, citizenship and economic education.  

The key stage four curriculum 

The key stage four curriculum is designed to be broad enough for students to cover a range of subjects so that further study and career pathways remain open to them, whilst also providing sufficient depth so that they develop their powerful academic knowledge within subjects and excel in their GCSE exams.  

All students study the core subjects of English, Maths, Trilogy or Triple Science and Physical Education, and most students study Spanish. Students must also choose at least one Humanities subject and two additional options from a range of creative, performative and technical subjects. All key stage four students continue to broaden their cultural capital through the academy’s rich extra curriculum programme.   

Memorable moments 

Whilst the primary concern of the curriculum at Harris Academy Wimbledon is the mastery of powerful academic knowledge, we know that students learn best when they can immerse themselves in wider curriculum opportunities. As such, each subject area thinks carefully about the ‘memorable moments’ which students will encounter as they progress through the academy. These include careers talks, trips and visits, author visits, competitions and much more. These memorable moments deepen students’ love of learning as well as further develop the powerful academic knowledge and cultural capital of those learning at the academy.  

Enrichment and Extra Curricular 

We believe that the academic curriculum should be complemented with enrichment and extra-curricular activities, and we pride ourselves on our outstanding enrichment and extra-curricular programme. The enrichment curriculum is on offer for all students in Key stage three and gives students the opportunity to broaden, extend and challenge their knowledge and skills within a specific subject of their choosing.  

In addition to enrichment all students select at least one weekly extra-curricular activity. These activities help foster a spirit of independence, integrity and resilience, while developing cultural capital, creativity, character and confidence.  

Additionally, embedded within our curriculum are a number of deep learning days. Deep learning days provide fantastic opportunities for teachers to deepen the powerful academic knowledge of their students through enquiry, discussion and debate as students work off-timetable in subject areas. 

Students also benefit from opportunities to take part in sporting, cultural and charitable events such as the cross-Federation sports day, volunteer work in the local community, guest speakers, and visits to art galleries, museums and the theatre. These events and excursions help to develop cultural capital as well as our academy values of independence, integrity and resilience.