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Today is a day of celebration! We are immensely proud of our students' accomplishments throughout the year. Well done everyone!


We are delighted to share all the photographs from Outdoor Activity Week and Aim High Week. It has been a fantastic week and everyone has really shown their resilience.


We are thrilled to share the exhilarating experiences of our Year 9 Cadets during their recent deployment to Longmoor Training Camp. This unforgettable adventure was packed with a diverse range of activities designed to challenge and inspire our students!


Our Year 10s embarked on a series of enriching University Visits over the week, and the experiences were nothing short of remarkable, leaving our students inspired and broadening their horizons into the world of different careers!


Year 7 & 8 had a brilliant time at the residential in Kent, they were able to learn new skills, for example learning how to make fire as well asfacing their fears of heights. It was a wonderful experience and all students showed resilience and leadership in the activities.


It's Heritage Day at HAWI! It is wonderful to see students and staff dressed in their traditional attire and enjoying music and food together!


Tonight is our Art Exhibition ! We are proud of our talented students and excited to share their amazing creations with you!


This week has been our HAWI Arts Festival and it has been a brilliant celebration of all our wonderful students across the arts. Thank you to all the students involved and well done for the amazing performances!


Excitement is building for the HAWI election! Today candidates have campaigned for the prestigious title of ‘Principal for the day’. All students will be voting on Tuesday 2nd for the political party that they think has the best policies for HAWI. 🗓️🗳️


Our Year 12 Politics class enjoyed a great trip to the Houses of Parliament. With MPs away, they were able to visit both chambers and then took part in a workshop applying their knowledge from their A-level studies to the passage of a new law.


Amazing work from our students today who have been working hard to represent their houses in our first ever HAWIVision! It took a huge amount of bravery to stand up in front of a large audience and sing.Well done for the amazing performances!


We were lucky enough to receive Cliff McNish today, author of ‘Doomspell’ and ‘Breathe’. He talked about the motivation behind his novels, the importance of reading and engaged the students in inspiring Ghost Story workshop. The students loved it!


After a week focused on exams, we paused revision today for a formal Leavers ceremony. Year 11 students had the opportunity to hear from their house tutors and sign shirts. Year 11 have grown into wonderful people and we can't wait to see what the future holds for them!


HAWI celebrates Mental Health Awareness Week!The theme of is year is ‘Movement!’ The assemblies and inspiring talks heard this week focussed on the importance of movement. Today is our “Wear it Green” day! Students wore an item of green to raise awareness about Mental Health.


Y12students embarked on the 'Take The Lead' programme this year, a unique collaboration between schools, businesses, and the expertise of The Old Vic Theatre. They've gained invaluable insights into navigating life after school & the future work world.💼 #FutureReady


Exciting news! Starting April 22nd, join our new extra-curricular club run by 'Rise Up' 🌟. Dive deep into Black History, focusing on Black British heritage, culture, dreams, & social action. A space to learn, grow, and make a difference. Don't miss out!


Dive into the worlds of The Arts and Crafts Movement and Impressionism this Autumn term, crafting stunning clay tiles.🎨 Remember to collect your masterpiece before term ends, or they'll be part of our Easter recycling. Don't miss out!


Huge shout out to our Year 11 Netball team for smashing their way to the FINALS with a spectacular 27-3 win over Harris Crystal Palace! 🎉 Their dedication and hard work in training have truly paid off. Let's rally behind them as they aim for the top spot in the finals! 🏐


Today marks the end of the term, but the beginning of a well-deserved break! 🌟 Wishing all our students a fantastic holiday. Rest, recharge, and get ready to leap into a new term filled with more learning and adventures on April 15th. See you then!


Year 12 have been honing their life drawing skills in collaboration with King's School this week, showcasing incredible observations and techniques. Kudos to all who attended! 🎨 We're proud of our talented students and excited to support their ongoing development!

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Human and Life Skills

The purpose of the Human and Life Skills’ curriculum at Harris Academy Wimbledon is to provide all our students, regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, or religion, with a ‘curriculum for life’.

Human and Life Skills Overview

Our Human and Life Skills curriculum develops essential knowledge, skills and attributes that contribute to a positive and productive life experience. Through engagement in the Human and Life Skills curriculum, students will further their knowledge of contemporary issues and be equipped with the skills to unpack and understand increasingly complex and challenging scenarios. Students will develop skills that are highly prized in the workplace through discussion, teamwork and debate in a variety of situations. Throughout, students develop their self-confidence and esteem, raising aspiration and preparing them to take their place in society and make a difference.

Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) is a core part of the Human and Life Skills Curriculum. When students leave us, we want them to understand what being in a healthy and respectful relationship entails and to respect the fact that relationships can take many different forms. For further information on our RSE provision, please see our RSE Policy (September 2019). 

How is the Human and Life Skills Curriculum delivered?

Here at the Academy, we follow a thematic approach to aid the successful delivery of the curriculum. We cover; Families and Respectful Relationships, Online safety, Being Safe and Intimate Sexual Health, Mental Wellbeing and Physical Health, Substance misuse and Health Prevention and Adolescence.

These key themes are addressed sequentially, year on year and cover the RSE statutory guidance and topics highlighted by the PSHE Association. This approach mirrors the maturation of the students and enables complex and relevant issues to be tackled in more depth over time. Each key theme is broken down into discreet lessons that serve to inform students about the facts, legalities and different viewpoints of important issues. In lessons, students are encouraged to discuss issues with their peers, serving to break down barriers and build relationships of trust and mutual respect. These discussions are chaired by Tutors who have received training in how to deliver such topics. The outcomes are that students are better equipped to talk about the issues that affect them and know what frameworks are in place for their protection and for society as a whole.

Human and Life Skills are addressed during Deep Learning Days. Deep Learning Days are days in the school calendar that are set aside to focus on key aspects of the curriculum, best suited to be delivered over the course of a day. The curriculum focuses these days on careers, workplace skills and economic education. At Key Stage 3, they culminate in the outdoor activity week, a time when all students are invited to develop soft skills outside of the classroom. All Year 9 students take part in the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award scheme and have the opportunity to progress onto the Silver Award in Year 10

Our assembly programme serves to address key contextual issues for our students and their communities. It enables assembly leaders to be responsive to the needs and challenges that occur throughout the lives of our students. It is a forum in which staff and external presenters can discuss notable dates such as Black History Month, Holocaust Awareness and others. Assemblies begin with a performance from our students, raising awareness of the talents and abilities of peers and giving students a chance to appreciate cultural capital.

We use the Human and Life skills curriculum to respond to contextual matters within and around our school community. This dynamic response has most recently served to inform our students about mental health following the pandemic, sexual harassment and consent, and the conflict in Eastern Europe. This flexibility ensures that we are able to adapt to the needs of our students, thus ensuring that we deliver our, ‘curriculum for life’.