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The first of four days welcoming back our students for their Academic Review Meetings with their House Tutor. Lots of smiles and excitement all round!


Well done to all our students who have taken part in the School Games programme. An outstanding effort in challenging times! Congratulations to the PE department for making this happen


Our students aged 11 to 15 are eligible for FREE places on a fully funded virtual Global Social Leaders Summer Catalyst ! Visit: to find out more & book


Sports Day - Well done to all who took part in a fantastic array of fitness, strength and co-ordination challenges yesterday - Mr Riches and Miss Timmins are going through over 1400 entries! So impressive! Huge thanks to the PE department for putting on such a great event.


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Virtual sports day is over. What an amazing effort from all houses ! It’s been incredible watching the videos and seeing some outstanding resilience, independence and sporting performance. We have over 1400 entries to verify. Results will be announced at hounours evening 15/07


Harris Wimbledon has been recognised as a ‘Super School’ by Hegarty Maths – an accolade given to the top 10% Hegarty schools – thanks to our students’ amazing work on the platform over the past year! An incredible achievement! Keep up the hard work everyone.


Our students have been creating Start Profiles to help them explore job opportunities that may interest them - at the moment the most popular job is Performing Arts Teacher!


The first Virtual Careers Day for our students takes place on Tuesday 30 June. If you want to get ahead in careers, have a look at what is on offer at the London Careers Festival. Loads of workshops and webinars for students to explore!


Our philosophers have been hard at work studying the theme of 'Power'. Inaya has written an essay answering the question, 'Is knowledge dangerous?' Outstanding critique, using quotes from Henry Ford and Bernard Shaw to support her points. Incredible insight!


A geographer in the making! Fantastic communication skills from Kanay, solid reasoning and logic applied to the application of coastal defence measures.


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Moving on up, now into 7th Place. Well done HAWI students for taking part in the virtual games.


An exciting opportunity to think creatively and design your own sustainable city of the future! There are prizes to be won - for more details see below:


Another week and another Student Passport is live for our new cohort of students joining us in September. This week we’re looking at Resilience. Check it out here:


This week’s assembly is all about Celebrating Diversity.


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Event 6: Tennis Keepy Uppy Equipment: -Tennis Racket -Tennis Ball -Phone to film Objective Hit the ball up as many times as you can in one minute. Entry open on the 29th June. Get practicing!


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Event 5: Football Kick Up Challenge. Equipment: -Football -Phone to film your attempt Objective: Complete as many kick ups as you can without dropping the ball. Entry will open on the 29th June, get practicing


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Virtual Sports Day is on Monday 29th June. Over the next two weeks Mr Riches and Miss Timmins will be releasing videos of all the events. Use your screen free time to practice for the biggest sporting day of the year!


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Event 4: object throw-clap-catch challenge. Equipment: -object (sock ball, ball, toilet roll) -Phone to film your attempt Objective: Throw and object into the air and see how many time you can clap before you catch it again. Entry will open on the 29th June, get practicing


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Event 3: Alternate hand wall toss Equipment: -Tennis ball -Phone to film Objective Use an underarm throw standing 2m away from a wall, and catch with the other hand. Keep swapping hands, and see how many you can do in a minute. Entry will open on the 29th June. Get practicing!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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The Virtual School

Your child's learning and wellbeing are our highest priorities. We have taken steps to ensure that your child will continue to have the highest possible standard of education.

Following the successful transition from in-academy learning to our ‘virtual school’ (Phase 1), and the development and consolidation of remote learning across all subjects (Phase 2), we will now be moving on to Phase 3 of the Virtual School.

Phase 3 of the virtual school aims to:

  1. Action staff, parent and teacher feedback from Phase 2
  2. Plan and deliver high quality remote lessons
  3. Maintain teacher-student interaction
  4. Motivate students as they work remotely
  5. Engage and bring together the whole school community
  6. Build and support resilience in all students

These aims build upon the strong foundation and hard work displayed throughout phase 1 and 2. Thank you again for the incredible support you are providing your child with as they work from home.

In summary, your child's routine should be:

  1. To register via the link sent to your school email address by 8.30am
  2. To login to the Academy online platform (using the Student Virtual School Guide if necessary) ready to start PE (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) or Live Tutor Time (Wed) at 9.00am
  3. Using the new timetable (as seen below) complete work assigned for the day
  4. To attempt to login to the Teams lesson if the instructions on the virtual school direct your child to do so
  5. To submit a weekly piece of work to the teacher for marking when instructed to do so
  6. To complete homework as per the new homework timetable (see below)
  7. To complete a ‘substantial piece of work’ which will be set in English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Spanish and Latin in the last week of June

Should your child complete the work set for them before the end of the lesson, subject teachers have created revision guides for the full academic year. These are tasks that will consolidate their learning and help prepare your child for next academic year. These revision guides can be found in the same location as the students' lessons.

Please can we request that only students contact their teachers directly via their Academy email account for any help and support they may need. If parents wish to contact us, please use the email address.

Your children have been shown how to log on to the online platform. Should they forget, a handy user guide has been created here: Student-Virtual-School-Guide.pdf.

Thank you for your support and co-operation during this challenging time.


Please follow this link for more information regarding online safety of your children.