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Retweetd From HAWI Library

Library lessons this week involve discussing the Carnegie Medal shortlisted titles, using the cover, blurb and first page as the starting point. Today's class favoured "The Girl Who Speaks Bear", but there's been a wide range of winners across the different classes.


7 Gibson presented an excellent assembly on Caring for the Environment where they shared some facts and some top tips on how we can do better to care for the environment in our own lives.


Fantastic display created by students in Spanish Club about Spanish in the world


Retweetd From HAWI Library

House Reading Challenge update: Butler took over the lead from Nelson but only just. It is incredibly close at the top of the league and much can change before the next results are announced after the half-term break.


A huge thank you to Jack and Aaliyah from for their inspiring presentation about life at the University of Oxford. Our Philosophers loved hearing from you and can’t wait to apply!


Retweetd From HAWI Library

Our students have borrowed 318 fiction books during the first three weeks of the summer term! Keep up with the reading!


Some of our students have been completing Constructions and Tarsia puzzles as part of their Maths lessons recently. Keep up the excellent work!


Year 8 students have been working on composing some music to represent a villain character in a film. Sanjay, Toshe and Jacob's composition is sounding great so far!


This week in Enrichment, they put these skills to the test with various team building and problem solving games.


On the upcoming Duke of Edinburgh expedition’s for Year 9, students will be working in groups to navigate and walk for 2 days with an overnight camp. Their key to success will be good communication, resilience and motivating peers in order to overcome the challenge as a group!


Retweetd From HAWI Library

Year 7 showing off their research skills in library lesson - absolutely brilliant effort and team work!


This week in Science: Year 9 had a hands-on opportunity to learn about the circulatory system by dissecting hearts!


Congratulations to the students below for entering the Linguachef competition with such great international dishes!


Some photos of fantastic student work in Latin!


Year 7 bringing Ancient Roman Theatre to HAWI


Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE

Volleyball club has over 20 students who stay after Enrichment, 4-5pm, always keen to learn and improve 🏐


Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE

Students came out of their first gymnastics session ‘beam-ing’ as they tried out the new equipment. Looking forward to using the uneven bars! Great effort 👏🏽


Year 9 students worked exceptionally well, learning how to put up a tent as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award!


This week in Science: while studying the topic of light Year 7 had the amazing opportunity to dissect eyes which has helped them to understand their structure and how we see.

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Latest News

Posted on June 19th 2020

Newsletter 19/06/20

I hope everyone received my letter yesterday regarding the delay to the new build.  It is disappointing, but we have happily operated from Whatley Avenue for the last two years and I know that we can continue to do this for the first half term of next academic year.  


At the moment, we do not know what the government advice will be with regards to all students returning to secondary schools in September, but as soon as we know, we will finalise our plans and let you know.


In the meantime, the government have said that we can invite all students into school for a review meeting before the end of term.  We plan to invite all students into the academy between the 10th and 15th July.  We are currently putting the plans together for this and are very much looking forward to seeing everyone.  We will send out more information next Friday on how this will all work. 


Next week, the students will be set a ‘significant’ piece of work in each subject and there is a link in the newsletter so you can see an overview.  Thank you for the tremendous job you are doing home schooling your children.  Please keep encouraging them to respond to virtual registration by 8.45am and to complete and submit all their work.


We understand the challenges of caring for families, working and supporting with home schooling so please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can support you.


I wish you a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.