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A few of the motte and bailey castles built by our very own historians. Huge amounts of effort have led to some great models!


Hard work is rewarded! These students have earned 30 subject stickers for effort in class and are now enjoying a celebration breakfast with Mrs Larizadeh. Well done!


Happy New Year to all! A polite reminder that students will be expected in school on Tuesday at the normal time. Please make sure they have all their kit and equipment. Enrichment lessons will be taking place as per a normal Tuesday.


Incredible creativity, teamwork and community spirit on show - the Christmas Door competition will be a tricky one to judge this year...


STEM Enrichment: The students created their own game of operation!


Progress being made on the new build! We can start to see it taking shape...


Thank you for informing us of the behaviour of some of our children. We will endeavour to ensure they understand and respect the values of our society.


The Year 7 Autumn Celebration was a huge success! Well done to all those who took part. A huge thank you to Mr Walsh and Miss Allen for organising the performances and to the WPA who provided delicious mince pies


Year 8 are expanding their minds by examining the human body in all its wonder!


Retweetd From Richard Maurice

Well, what do you know... 😀 The wish wall at Body Worlds, Piccadilly


Year 8 Biologists enjoying the awe-inspiring exhibits ⁦


Guided tour to learn about the Normans ⁦


Year 8 exploring the nervous system ⁦


Great view of the White Tower


Enjoying the displays in the White Tower


Arrived safely for our tour of the Tower of London!


Year 8 engineers demonstrating their designing, constructing and programming prowess at the First LEGO League.


Great seats at the . Our Year 7s are anticipating a great performance!


The House Chess Competition is under way... the focus is intense! Chess clubs runs every Wednesday lunchtime, where beginners can learn how to play, or experienced players can learn advanced chess strategy.


Our History Detectives extracurricular club - currently researching Merton Priory as part of a National Archives initiative led by Miss Trapani.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Curriculum Vision and Intent

Curriculum Vision and Intent

At Harris Academy Wimbledon our aim is to improve the life chances of all our students through a broad and balanced academic curriculum. Our motivation is the pursuit of truth through the study of disciplinary knowledge that all of our students, irrespective of starting point, have full access to. Combined with our outstanding teaching and ambitious learning culture, our curriculum is designed to enable all students to respond positively to the opportunities and challenges of life beyond school in a rapidly changing world.

The central place of knowledge acquisition within our curriculum is explicit and we provide rich and varied contexts for students to acquire, develop and apply this broad knowledge. The curriculum builds on knowledge learnt in primary school and is based on key knowledge outlined in the National Curriculum. Our curriculum is sequenced to ensure students master essential disciplinary and substantive knowledge for GCSE and A level success. Success in examinations is the outcome of, not motivation for, an effective curriculum but at Harris Academy Wimbledon we know that excellent examination results are the key to the next stage of education, training or employment.

The Key Stage Three and Four Core Curriculum

Our curriculum in key stage 3 (Years 7 to 9) recognises the National Curriculum as a minimum entitlement.  Irrespective of starting point, all students study all of the National Curriculum subjects: English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Computer Science, Art, Technology, Spanish, Music and PE. In addition to the National Curriculum, students study Drama, Latin an enrichment subject of their choice and at least one weekly extra-curricular club. All students also study Human and Life Skills which includes personal, social, health, cultural, citizenship and economic education. A small number of students who require additional support in their reading, writing and speaking of Standard English receive additional Literacy lessons in place of Latin.

In key stage 4 (Years 10 and 11), students will study between eight and ten GCSE subjects.   There is a compulsory core curriculum in English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Triple Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) or Trilogy Science and a Humanities subject (History or Geography).  Languages are an important part of the curriculum and at least 80% of students will study a language at GCSE.  There will be option subjects in Additional and Further Maths, History, Geography, Spanish, Latin, French, Art, Computer Science, Dance, Drama, Design Technology, Food Preparation and Nutrition, PE and Music.  In addition, all students continue to study Religious Studies, core PE and Human and Life Skills. Please see our curriculum intent for more information.

Enrichment and Extra-Curricular

We believe that the core academic curriculum should be complemented with a rich variety of enrichment and extra-curricular activities. The Enrichment Curriculum gives students the opportunity to broaden, extend and challenge their knowledge and skills. The Year 7 and 8 programme includes French, debating, investing in stocks and shares, extension in STEM and a range of creative options.  In Year 9 students join the Combined Cadets Force (CCF) for their enrichment option. The full enrichment offer is published here. Additionally, embedded within our curriculum are a number of deep learning days. Deep learning days provide opportunities for teachers to deepen disciplinary knowledge and understanding through enquiry, discussion and debate as students work off-timetable in subject areas.

In addition to their enrichment option all students select at least one weekly extra-curricular activity, with many students choosing two or more. These activities help foster a spirit of aspiration, resilience and joy in learning, while developing their cultural capital, creativity, character and confidence. The full extra-curricular programme is published here.

At Harris Academy Wimbledon we also support the mental and physical development of students through Relationships and Sexual Education (RSE), Health Education and Drugs Education.  These aspects of our curriculum are taught through the relevant programmes of study in the Science curriculum and through our Human and Life Skills curriculum.  Please see the Relationships and Sexual Education Policy and the Drugs Policy for more information.

Please read our Curriculum Policy for more information about the Harris Academy Wimbledon curriculum.