5 of our budding mathematicians are on there way to their first ever maths tournament, hosted by - good luck to all of them!


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We are really looking forward to welcoming students from to the Count On Us . Best of luck to everyone!


Today we have the pleasure of welcoming poet and rapper Breis to the Academy. Breis will be running workshops throughout the day.


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Summer Reading Challenge volunteering opportunities at our libraries. To apply visit


You can view our new Summer Term lunch menu on our website or by clicking on the following link.


Welcome back! We hope our students, families and staff enjoyed the Easter break and are ready for the Summer Term. There are lots of exciting things planned for this term so be sure to follow our Twitter feed for regular updates!


Our wonderful families enjoying the evening.


Our generous families have made some delicious food for the WPA’s ‘International Spectacular’ event this evening.


We would like to remind our parents and carers that school will close at 12:20pm tomorrow for the Easter break. We will return on Tuesday 23rd April to begin the Summer term!


Students are rehearsing their ukulele performance in preparation for the WPA International Spectacular evening this Thursday! You will able to buy tickets on the door on the evening if you haven’t already.


Students are enjoying their lunch break in the sun today ☀


A few more photographs from the Year 7 trip to Tate Modern.


Don't forget to sign up to our PTA's first event 'International Spectacular'. You can still sign up by handing in your slip and paying £2 for an adult or £1 for a child. We are looking forward to getting together and experiencing culinary delights from around the world! 🌎🍴


Our students are having a great time at the Tate Modern.


The smoothie bike in action!


As part of our health and well-being drop down day, Chartwells are teaching the students the importance of getting 5 a day and the students are getting hands on making smoothies on the smoothie bike!


Half of Y7 are visiting the Tate Modern today and the other half will visit tomorrow! They have arrived safely and are looking forward to a fun day of learning.


Our ‘Wow Word of the Week’ this week is Luminous. Don’t forget to enter the 'Wow Word of the Week’ competition for your chance to win a kindle at the end of term. The more entries you make the higher your chance of winning!


Our scientists are building spaghetti towers and making helicopters and aeroplanes as part of their last session at this week

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Course Content:

Teaching will be focused on developing an understanding of the history and culture of Roman civilization and encouraging a wide range of approaches to language learning including audio-visual resources. This Latin course will provide suitable preparation for further study.

The course is divided into 10 modules of content: Roman families, Houses, Daily life, The town of Pompeii, The forum, The theatre, Slaves and freedmen, Life and death, Gladiators, The baths, Schools, The eruption of Vesuvius; destruction and excavation of Pompeii.

The main skills that will be developed within the units are: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar. The main language features are: Nominative, accusative and dative cases, singular and plural, of 1st, 2nd and 3rd declension nouns, Present, imperfect and perfect tenses, all persons, of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th conjugation verbs, Word order, Personal pronouns, Intransitive verbs, Comparatives and superlatives, Questions.

Within each Year 7 module, students will focus on developing skills through inspiring and challenging activities to achieve their full potential.

Students will be assessed formally during the different terms and at the end of the year to check progress and understanding.

Course Text Books/Websites:

There is a specific text book: Cambridge Latin Course. Book 1. Fourth edition.

You can find the book online:

Extra activities from the book:


Additional Materials/Equipment required:

It is highly recommended that the students use a Latin – English dictionary at home and in class.

This book helps to introduce Latin easily: Latin for Beginners (Usborne Language) by Angela Wilke will support the students.

These websites are also very useful:

Home Support

It is important than the study of languages is promoted at home. The more the students are familiarising themselves with the language, the better. It is very helpful to check that the students are completing their homework and studying the weekly Latin vocabulary. The students can also be encouraged to attend the weekly clubs which will boost their learning.