Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE and Dance



Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE and Dance

22 pupils enjoying cricket at the Oval this evening. The atmosphere was electric and it was great to see our pupils enjoying the game, learning about T20 rules and dancing to all the music!


Year 9 students enjoying learning how to sew today using 2 hand stitch methods!


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Reading Game part 2: We have had so much fun in library lessons this week reviewing, assessing and above all sharing our selection of books. Great team work too!


In preparation for our Heritage Day next Friday, students at HAWI created these brilliant heritage boxes as part of their History project to showcase their cultures and heritages, demonstrating the diverse cultures shared by our HAWI community.


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Here are some of the many books that have been return for the past couple of days...and for each coming back, another one goes out. What a great variety of genres and themes: HAWI students are truly great readers!


Year 9 have been experimenting with bleach and ink drawing processes. They've been inspired by the zoologist and artist Ernst Haeckel!


Look at some of the great artwork produced over Hawi's activity week! Students working in collaborative groups reproduced famous artworks, using a range of drawing, paint, and collage techniques.


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More smiles and medals for team Wimbledon


Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE and Dance

Deniel winning gold in 200m! Well earned ice cream


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Girls smashing the track and field events


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Our students showing their support today


Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE and Dance

And the medals keep on coming!


Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE and Dance

First gold for yr7 Treviyan! Bring on the rest


Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE and Dance

DofE groups feeling a proud of their accomplishments as they reach the final checkpoint of Leith Hill Tower! They get to enjoy the stunning views.


Y7 students in Swanage taking part in Bushcraft, Kayaking, rope climbing and the waterpark inflatables activity.


DofE students feeling a sense of accomplishment as they reach their final checkpoint at Leith Hill!

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