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Lara in Year 9 has just been on her first rollercoaster ever! She picked the terrifying Stealth for her first one.


Students already enjoying themselves and getting soaked on the rides at Thorpe Park for their Rewards Trip.


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Congratulations to Nida, 8 Gibson, for winning the final Word of the Week prize draw for this academic year and the first prize: a Kindle Reader! She'll be able to read so many amazing books this summer. Many thanks to Kiyaan and Naba, 7 Gibson, for helping with the prize draw.


Year 8 having Afternoon Tea with the Principal


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Savannah has attended athletics club every week this term. Her hard work and training placed her 4th overall in the Y9 300m AMAZING !! Just missed out on the medal position.


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Lawrence ran the second fastest time to qualify for the 200m final ! ⁦


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Well done to Mutasim who has qualified for the 100m final. The difference between himself and 1st is 0.10s Come on Mutasim ! ⁦


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A few nervous but ready year 9 students for the year 9 and 10 harris federation sports day


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Big improvements from the Year 7 Cricket team this term! 🏏


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We have not managed to co-ordinate a group photo of HAWI Shadowers and our Carnegie winner, so we'll let the book cover do the talking. We absolutely LOVE "The Girl Who Speaks Bear". It is an incredible story with a multitude of important themes, beautifully told!


After a challenging year in school, KS3 students at HAWI have made a huge difference to the Design & Technology department. Here are some of the outstanding products made: fridge magnets, monster cable wraps, book ends and book marks.


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Congratulations to Chloe, Year 8 whose entry to Wimbledon BookFest Young Writers’ Competition has been highly commended! Chloe's short story will be published in 2021 Young Writers' Competition Anthology. We are so proud of and pleased for her!


Insignia (our badge company) have planted a tree in our name at the Eden Project in Madagascar!


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Theo came 3rd in the 800m heat. The last 100m he really kicked on and climbed 3 places. Demonstrating great determination and perseverance


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Woooooo 2nd place in the final heat. Very unfortunate to miss out on the final by 1.5 seconds ⁦


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100m boys heat Aidan came 3rd with a time of 13:27. Excellent running


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Our year 8 boys came 3rd in the 4th relay heat. Amazing work ⁦


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First event at the harris federation sports day. ⁦⁩ year 8 girls came 5th amazing effort.


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Celebrate that football is coming home with our book of the week! Indulge in the hidden world of professional football while you wait for Sunday's big match!

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