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Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE

Pupils loving LAX englacrosse


Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE

Yr7 Basketball looking at looking up whilst dribbling 🏀


Retweetd From HAWI Library

HAWI's Book of the Week is an all-time classic family story of escape and refuge - it deserves to be read for many generations to come.


Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE

Another cracking Volleyball fixture! Well done to the Year 7 Boys team, who got the Win this week. Commitment to training is paying off!


Today is Holocaust Memorial Day and Year 10 students were very fortunate to be part of a live webinar with a Holocaust survivor to commemorate the Holocaust


The Year 7s have been busy this week with their instrumental taster sessions!


Retweetd From HAWI Library

Thank you so much to DofE volunteers Chloe and Riad for tidying the English and Performing Arts and STEM collections of books. It is a real pleasure to see the shelves so nice and tidy!


Retweetd From HAWI Library

Well done to the winning Y7 team in today's library lesson. They used Reading Cloud to look up three fiction titles, each from a different section, and then managed to locate them on the shelves in less than 15 minutes. It was a brilliant effort from everyone in the class though!


Dowding Bowling House Trip!


Retweetd From HAWI Library

Our latest new book arrivals! There is something for everyone.


Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE

Want to pursue an interest or talent in Rugby? These are the clubs local to HAWI! Check out the Clubs Link notice board in the PE department.


Retweetd From HAWI Library

Last term's House Reading Challenge results are now up on the board. Congratulations to Butler and Ella in Wilberforce who earned House League points. You will also find five star book reviews - a great place to start when you need inspiration for your next good read.


Year 7 students have made a fantastic start in History this term in their new enquiry on the Crusades


Retweetd From HAWI Library

A year 7 student returned "The Novice" today with the verdict "so good". Turns out that it was so good that he ended up buying the rest of the books in the series. What a great accolade!


Retweetd From HAWI Library

Y8 really impressed at the first library lesson of 2022. Great focus on book borrowing which gave us plenty of time for quiet reading. We finished off with a Reading Cloud refresher which they whizzed through with flying colours. It is great to have the students back in school!


Retweetd From HAWI Library

Thank you to our awesome students for your fantastic variety of thought provoking, funny and imaginative Word of the Week sentences. We have drawn a winner from the hundreds of entries. Big congratulations to Krzysztof, 8 Gibson who is the lucky winner of the Kindle Reader!


Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE

Volleyball was a new sport for us less than a year ago, but it has been popular and students are keen for more fixtures! If you are a school local enough to Merton (South West London) and interested in any friendly fixtures for year 7-10, boys, girls or mixed, get in contact!


Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE

We’ve had many fixtures with over the years, but we were able to host them at our (relatively) new facilities for the first time today! A returning Girls Football fixture and the away team came out on top with U13’s and a draw with U15’s. Looking forward to more


Retweetd From Harris Wimbledon PE

What great play in our South London league against Wallington Grammar ! This is a new league for us but playing at this high standard is motivating and great experience for the players.

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